27 Apr
Born for This: Embracing Your Unique Journey

Never lose sight of your dreams, 

Even when the path ahead seems unseen. 

Hope, don't give up, keep the fire alive. 

Remember the passion within, your guide.

In light and dark, through easy and hard, 

In times of uncertainty, where choices marred, 

You've come this far, a testament of your will. 

Celebrate the little victories, let them fill.

Obstacles overcome, faces that cheered, 

Words of encouragement, belief revered. 

You possess gifts and talents untold, 

Planted by God, a purpose to unfold.

Work diligently, like never before, 

Don't dwell on failures or what lies in store. 

Hope with your heart and soul, unwavering, 

In God alone, find faith, anchoring.

Run with purpose, embracing your destiny, 

For you were born uniquely, divinely. 

Let this truth resonate deep within, 

You were born for this, let your journey begin.

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