01 Jun

When all seems lost:

Imagine a man named Kevin Hines, tormented by voices that urged him to end his own life. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, he reached a breaking point and jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Miraculously, he was saved by a sea lion. This life-altering event propelled Kevin to become a prominent figure in suicide prevention and mental health advocacy. But amidst the remarkable turnaround, we must ponder: Is this enough? Is there a bigger picture missing? Could the sea lion rescue be a sign from God, urging Kevin to live and give glory to Him?

The Limitations of Earthly Miracles:

While Kevin's experience with the sea lion rescue is undeniably extraordinary, we need to reflect on the true source of hope. In the grand scheme of life, we all face mortality, and simply turning our lives around and helping others might not suffice when we stand before our Creator. We must ask ourselves if we have acknowledged the gracious God who has blessed us with breath, life, and the strength to overcome afflictions like mental illness and addiction.

Looking Beyond Creation:

It is crucial to recognize that our hope should not rest solely on the things God has created, no matter how extraordinary they may be. The sea lion rescue could be seen as a sign from Mother Nature or a remarkable twist of fate, but embracing Jesus Christ as our true hope transcends such interpretations. It calls us to redirect our focus to the One who holds all things together, the ultimate source of life and purpose.

The Deeper Meaning:

While Kevin's story highlights the importance of mental health awareness and suicide prevention, we must strive to go deeper. By acknowledging Jesus Christ as the orchestrator of his rescue, Kevin can uncover the true purpose behind his miraculous survival. It is through Jesus that we find meaning, redemption, and the strength to overcome life's greatest challenges.

Glorifying God:

As we navigate our own journeys, facing various afflictions and hardships, it is crucial to give glory where it is due. We must avoid taking credit solely for ourselves and instead recognize God's hand at work in our lives. Through Him, we find the strength to persevere, the hope that extends beyond earthly circumstances, and the courage to share our stories as testimonies to His faithfulness.


While Kevin Hines' encounter with the sea lion was undeniably significant, we are called to look beyond the miracle itself. Embracing Jesus Christ as our true hope, we recognize that His divine guidance and intervention surpass any earthly phenomenon. As we face our own struggles, let us remember to give glory to God, acknowledging His grace, mercy, and transformative power. In doing so, our lives become a testament to His love and our hope is anchored in something far greater than any miracle or creation.

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